Wisp Event is the first type of special moth events. During the Wisp Event, players have to catch wisps released by Wisp Mother to get special attraction flowers for event moths.

Some time before the start of the Wisp Event, a sleeping Wisp Mother will show up between the leaves next to the incubator and will wake up once the event starts.

To get the attraction flowers, you need to catch the wisps, which are released when you tap the ready Wisp Mother. The Wisp Mother is able to spawn wisps every 2 hours, with 3 to 5 wisps spawned each time. To catch them, tap the wisp and tap the net icon at the bottom. Each wisp has a chance to escape from player, which can be negated by spending 20 Icon§Glowbuck for a guaranteed catch or buying Golden Wisp Nets, which also guarantee the catch.

(Apparently, at least one catch is guaranteed per wisp spawn! You can manipulate it by trying to catch less needed wisps first, and if all of them miss, you'll get a guaranteed catch on the last one.)

Each moth requires its own wisp, which will drop a moth specific 10% attraction flower. Every event flower fills all three incubator slots (region, rarity and size) at once, so it is not possible or necessary to place rarity and size flowers. Currently the wisps' colours correspond with moths' rarities: common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), legendary (yellow).

It's possible to buy specific event attraction flowers right at the attraction flower inventory while the event is active. It's not possible to get them from other usual flower sources like feeding Trevor or Bee Fly.

Related Special Abilities

The following decorations have abilities that can assist in Wisp Events!

  • Sweet Thorn; Paperflower Penjing, Deluxe Japanese Camellia: allow to capture a wisp with 100% success chance (similar to Golden Nets). Side note: Paperflower Penjing can be bought on a Decoration Sale - and so, you can have two or more of them in your forest.
  • Deluxe Sweet Thorn: duplicates a wisp.
  • Exclusive Sweet Thorn: allows to hurry a Wisp Mother.
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Past Wisp Events

  • 29th June – 12th July 2016: Yanada
  • 22nd September – 10th October 2016: Boom
  • 19th October – 2nd November 2016: Yokai
  • 15th December – 29th December 2016: Cuti
  • 13th February – 26th February 2017: Rosa
  • 16th April – 30th April 2017: Blossom
  • 18th June – 2nd July 2017: Joya
  • 17th August – 31st August 2017: Yinhe
  • 18th October – 1st November 2017: Oog
  • 6th December – 20th December 2017: Shamash
  • 2st February – 15th February 2018: Cupid
  • 5th April – 18th April 2018: Sakura
  • 8th June – 21st June 2018: Komorebi
  • 10th August – 23rd August 2018: Natsu
  • 18th October – 31st October 2018: Specter
  • 21st December – 3rd January 2019: Poinsettia