The bees and some Decorations available in the game have a special ability that affects the gameplay.

Types of bees

  • The Carpenter Bee allows you to generate three times as much pollen from a single shift. It can be purchased from the store with real money.
  • The Bumblebee allows you to generate twice as much pollen from a single shift. It can be purchased from the store for Icon§Glowbuck 200.
  • The Bee Fly can be fed with pollen to give you presents like attraction flowers, storage items or frog treats. It is unlocked by reaching a Flutterpedia Score of Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 1700.

Decorations with special abilities

Decorations with special abilities can be obtained by:

  • purchasing them from the Shop as a rotating deal or in a Special Event package;
  • completing or perfecting an Event moth set.

Exclusive event decorations can be obtained only by perfecting the event moth set during the event - after event is finished, you cannot obtain the exclusive decoration anymore.

With event related decorations, the usefullness of decoration's ability usually depends on its rarity: the common decorations often have purely decorative abilities, while exclusive ones have the most useful ones.

List of decorations' abilities

The asterisk * indicates rotating purchasable decorations - in other words, the only ones easily obtained. Two asterisks ** indicate event related purchasable decorations - which probably can return on a decoration sale.

Useful abilities
Ability Decorations
Free actions
Lay an egg for free Star Lotus*; Exclusive Doll's-eyes; Exclusive Common Wild Rose; Exclusive Holiday Cactus; Exclusive Trumpet Lily; Exclusive Fireworks Flower; Exclusive Sacred Lotus; Exclusive Flamingo Flower; Exclusive Monkey Orchid; Exclusive Japanese Cherry; Exclusive Japanese Camellia; Exclusive Trailing Arbutus
Fuse moths for free Deluxe Flamingo Flower; Deluxe Polka Dot Plant
Chop an expansion foliage for free Red Plumeria*; Exclusive Elder Flower; Exclusive Carnation; Exclusive Polka Dot Plant; Exclusive Broadleaf Starflower; Exclusive Blue Flag Iris; Exclusive Octopus Stinkhorn
Free hurrying
Hurry an egg Red Slipper*; Exclusive Brick Cap; Exclusive Butternut Squash Blossom; Exclusive New South Wales Waratah; Exclusive Yellow Daisy; Exclusive Wood Sorrel; Exclusive Mu Dan Peony; Exclusive Blue Dawn Flower; Exclusive Blazing Star (2); Exclusive Night-flowering Jasmine; Exclusive Poinsettia (decoration)
Hurry a caterpillar Butternut Squash Blossom
Hurry a chrysalis Deluxe Butternut Squash Blossom; Deluxe Japanese Cherry
Hurry a pollen flower Deluxe Sacred Lotus; Deluxe Bluebell
Hurry a mission Deluxe Monkey Orchid; Deluxe Octopus Stinkhorn
Make moth ready Matsutake**
Make nearby moths ready Singing Orchid*; Deluxe Blue Flag Iris
Hurry a Wisp Mother Exclusive Sweet Thorn
Building materials
Create sap Deluxe Elder Flower
Create a twig Deluxe Fireworks Flower
Create a leaf Elder Flower; Eternal Light Mushroom**; Meadow Lily**
Pollen and honeydew
Double pollen effectiveness of a moth Deluxe Brick Cap
Triple honeydew harvest from a moth Deluxe Mu Dan Peony
Half the cost of a pollen flower shift Sacred Lotus; Carnation; Bluebell
Double the amount of pollen from pollen flower's shift Brick Cap; Deluxe Carnation; Japanese Camellia
Triple the amount of pollen from pollen flower's shift Exclusive Bluebell
Double reward from a bug Deluxe Blue Dawn Flower
Switch to a random mission Deluxe Yellow Daisy; Deluxe Night-flowering Jasmine
Select a valid moth for a mission Monkey Orchid; Yellow Flag Fleur-de-lis**
Create some kind of festive gift Four-Leaf Clover**; Holiday Cactus; Delux Broadleaf Starflower; Deluxe Holiday Cactus; Pixie's Parasol**; Easter Basket**; Exclusive Black Bat Flower; Deluxe Trumpet Lily; Veiled Lady Mushroom**; Poinsettia (decoration); Deluxe Poinsettia (decoration)
Duplicate a gift Christmas Holly**; Delux New South Wales Waratah
Get gifts to send to friends Deluxe Common Wild Rose; Delux Trailing Arbutus
Spawn a petal Exclusive Rose Myrtle
Spawn a dandelion Trailing Arbutus
Spawn some kind of bugs Rose Myrtle; Deluxe Doll's-eyes; Deluxe Black Bat Flower; Blue Dawn Flower; Japanese Cherry; Blazing Star (2)
Capture a wisp Sweet Thorn; Paperflower Penjing**; Deluxe Japanese Camellia
Duplicate a wisp Deluxe Sweet Thorn
Toad treats
Create a frog treat Ornamental Onion**
Decorative abilities
Ability Decorations
Forest effects
Change tiny blue mushrooms' look Chanterelle**; Darth Vader Flower**; Delux Blazing Star (2)
Change the colour of a pollen flower Parrot Flower*
Change rooms' lighting Black Bat Flower
Launch some decorative effect Mu Dan Peony; Pink Honeysuckle**; Deluxe Wood Sorrel; Blue Flag Iris
Moth effects
Make all moths take off Moon Orchid*
Add a trail to a moth Fireworks Flower; Red Rose**; Wood Sorrel; Trumpet Lily; Doll's-eyes; Common Wild Rose; Deluxe Rose Myrtle; Blue Cornflower**; Japanese Ume**; Japanese Wisteria (2)**; Night-flowering Jasmine; Octopus Stinkhorn; European Mistletoe**
Add an aura to a moth New South Wales Waratah; Broadleaf Starflower; Polka Dot Plant; Flamingo Flower; English Daisy**; Sakurasou**
Enlarge moth Lily of the Nile**
Speed up a moth Yellow Daisy