Scientific Name: Phodilus badius
Description: Bay Owls hear distances as well as we can see them. A handy trip for hunting after dark!
Michelle is always looking for moths to send on exciting missions. She'll even award you with Zodiac flowers and other items.


Description not unlocked: Reach a score of 500 to unlock.

Michelle the Oriental Bay Owl thankfully does not eat butterflies! Once unlocked by buying her forest spot, necessitating a Flutterpedia score of Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 500, the option of sending your moths on missions given by her becomes available.


Beside the mission errands, Michelle has something to say on other occasions.

On Moth's Leaving for Mission
Better you than me, it’s dangerous out there!
Be back before dinner time!
Have fun out there!
During Missions
Who thought moths could be so colourful
Now where did I put that book on uses for bioluminescent mushrooms?
Double double toll and... oh hi!
Shivers, the night can be a bit creepy now and then,
In the middle of some calculations right now
My parents think I should be studying instead of bothering with all this mystical stuff, but meh, this is way cooler. (additional during Halloween 2016)
Those jack-o’-lanterns have a lovely warm glow to them don’t they? (additional during Halloween 2016)
Where did all these cobwebs come from? Are there SPIDERS!? (additional during Halloween 2016)
Looks like Halloween traditions originated in Celtic speaking countries. (additional during Halloween 2016)
As if the forest wasn’t creepy enough in the first place (additional during Halloween 2016)
If my calculations are correct, your moth is now …. in considerable danger! Just jokes, I’m sure it’s fine… (additional during Halloween 2016)
The system we’re using is called the Tropical Zodiac (additional during Halloween 2016)
Did you know ‘Halloween’ is a contraction of All Hallows’ Evening (additional during Halloween 2016)
Have I seen that Death’s Head moth in a movie poster somewhere? (additional during Halloween 2016)
Required Moth Inspection
Perfect! (if Moth meets required level)
Looking very tidy indeed. (if one star missing)
Hrm, risky, but possible (if two stars missing)
Er, I suppose you could send that guy out?.... (if four stars missing)
Wrong Species
A very pretty moth and all, but not who I’m looking for right now
I postulate this predicament may lead to an untimely demise for your fuzzy little friend
Um, have you been paying attentions to your studies?
Mission Failed
Bother. Oh well maybe next time

Event Outfits

  • Oog Event
  • Wiesn Event
  • Shamash Event
  • Sparkler Event
  • Cupid Event
  • Sakura Event

During some Events, Michelle may appear in costume. Unlike the Kingfisher in Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, Michelle's outfits are not yet for purchase.


  • Michelle the Oriental Bay Owl was hinted by the Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher before the release of the game.