If you have turned on notifications for Flutter: Starlight on your device next to the expected reminders, like eggs are ready to hatch or if the wisp mother is ready, there are other notifications. These notifications might remind you of playing again, but also let you know about news and events.

Here are some examples you might get
Invite your friends to make their own forest and share free gifts!
Michelle and Trevor miss you! Have you checked out your sanctuary recently?
A new update is available with a ton of cool new features including a shop update with daily deals, help icons and a BRAND NEW core set of moths!
Check out the latest update for Starlight! Come and meet Doug the Glowbug, check out the new calendar feature, see visiting moths and more!
There is a bright an beautiful full moon out in the forest meaning you can use your Lunar flowers to attract the elusive Luna Moth for a limited time!
The Picture-winged Leaf Moth is the moth representing Scorpio and is now available to attract with your Zodiac flowers for a limited time!
Weekend bonus time! We’re celebrating with DOUBLE coins and DOUBLE rewards from the Video Snail and offer wall!
Halloween special! Collect FIVE new spooky moths in the Yokai event over the next 13 days and earn exclusive decorations with special abilities!
Time is almost up to complete the SETNAME event! Remember that any unused event flowers will be converted to coins at the end of the event.