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Game Description



The creators of Flutter bring you a beautiful NEW rainforest adventure. See the stars twinkle as the moon moves through its lunar cycle, and flowers bloom as a firefly bursts light over the forest. You’ll discover that moths are just as beautiful as any butterfly!


Can you discover the whole wonderful range of moth species? There’s an incredible assortment of shape, size, colour, and wing patterns, all based on real world species!


Plant bioluminescent mushrooms, see your environment light up with dancing fireflies, and discover a huge array of magical flowers with which to decorate your environment.


You would never believe how beautiful and interesting moths could be! We have incredible species from all around the world, each with their own unique facts about their real world behaviors.


Every month you’ll be challenged to collect a limited set of moths in our super fun events. Just ask our fans, they’ve been loving our events in Flutter and Splash for over 3 years!


Listen to the rainforest at night, in the palm of your hand. Put on your headphones to experience a real-life lush rainforest ambience and immerse yourself in a relaxing experience.


Guide your moths through the forest and watch them flutter, fly, perch and play! Catch petals, burst dandelions, and send your moths out on special adventures into the big wide world.

Moth Sets

  • Go to Polilla
  • Go to Hoshi
  • Go to Hawkmoth
  • Go to Marama
  • Go to Lunar
  • Go to Silva
  • Go to Chausiku
  • Go to Estrella
  • Go to Mythic
  • Go to Zodiac
  • Go to Apoyo
  • Go to Yanada
  • Go to Hanwi
  • Go to Bulan
  • Go to Boom
  • Go to Yokai
  • Go to Osten
  • Go to Cuti
  • Go to Fan Rong
  • Go to Rosa
  • Go to Sona
  • Go to Blossom
  • Go to Bouquet
  • Go to Joya
  • Go to Ameku
  • Go to Yinhe
  • Go to Wiesn
  • Go to Oog
  • Go to Mayflower
  • Go to Shamash
  • Go to Sparkler
  • Go to Cupid
  • Go to Merian
  • Go to Sakura
  • Go to Mae
  • Go to Komorebi
  • Go to Liberte
  • Go to Natsu
  • Go to Persephone
  • Go to Specter
  • Go to Festum
  • Go to Poinsettia
  • Go to Diqiu
  • Go to Vera
  • Go to Laetus
  • Go to Gaia
  • Go to Solis
  • Go to Atlas
  • Go to Hikari
  • Go to Tempus
  • Banshee Set§Flutterpedia.png Go to Banshee
  • Demeter Set§Flutterpedia.png Go to Demeter
  • Novus Set§Flutterpedia.png Go to Novus
  • Go to Amare
  • Go to Glas
  • Go to Fleur
  • Gala Set§Flutterpedia.png Go to Gala
  • Go to Natalem

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Which one of basic Core sets is your favorite? <3

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What Moths are Available?

Regular Moths

These Moths are available year round once you unlock them by reaching their specific Flutterpedia Score*. You raise your Flutterpedia Score by completing sets, gaining data on moths, etc.

0 PointsPolilla Set
Hoshi Set
Hawkmoth Set
Marama Set
800 PointsSilva Set
1,500 PointsChausiku Set
2,500 PointsEstrella Set
4,000 PointsMythic Set
600 Points Lunar Set**
500 PointsZodiac Set**
250 PointsApoyo Set**

* Current Available Max Score: 44780 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
** Special Requirement Sets
These sets are available year-round, just like the previous sets. However, the flowers are obtained in special ways, depending on the set: from missions of Michelle, from your friendly Toad, Trevor, or from your friendly, maybe sometimes hoggish Bee Fly. These Attraction Flowers are quite rare, but they will pop up.

Limited Moths

These moths are only available for a limited time, but can be obtained off this time via the Special Visitors. Most of these events are themed according to current holidays like New Year or Valentine's Day, but each month has at least one! To see more information about the events, check the Moth Events page.
To see all of the past event sets, check the Event Sets page! Any current Moth Events can be seen with a timer at the top of the main page.

There are currently 281 Moths in the game spread over 57 Sets, among which 11 are Core Sets and 45 are Event Sets.
74 of these moths are currently available through incubation.

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