Floating petals will occasionally appear in your forest. Their spawn rotates with the Leaf Bug, Bark Bug and Dandelion. This means only one of these can occure at once (except for spawns forced by Special Abilities of decorations).

You will need to try to catch them with one or more of your moths by making moths fly over the petal.

If you hit same Floating Petal four times, you'll receive one Glowbuck Icon§Glowbuck. For the previous three hits, you will get some Honeydew Icon§CC. The amount of Honeydew depends on your Flutterpedia Score Icon§FlutterpediaPoints. For the first hit you will receive 3%, for the second hit you will receive 5,5% and for the third hit you will receive 8% of your score in Honeydew.

Special Abilities

The following decorations are able to create a Floating Petal with their Special Ability:

Related Goals

  • Petal Pursuit: Catch 5 floating petals (Reward: Frog Treat Icon§Toad Treat)
  • Petal Pursuit II: Catch 20 floating petals (Reward: Icon§Glowbuck 3)
  • Petal Pursuit III: Catch 100 floating petals (Reward: Icon§Glowbuck 5)