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Firefly Event is the second type of special moth events. During the Firefly Event, harvesting moths will spawn purple event fireflies Icon§Toad Treat Event alongside common yellow ones. Feeding these fireflies to Trevor will grant player the event flowers.

Purple fireflies Icon§Toad Treat Event are spawned by harvesting honeydew from moths each 2-3 hours (exact spawn rates depend on the event[1]). It doesn't matter which moths are harvested, and the number of purple fireflies is limited for each spawn. Feeding a purple firefly to Trevor will guarantee a 10% event flower for one of the event moths.

Purple fireflies can be bought directly from Trevor for glowbucks Icon§Glowbuck or as part of a package from the Shop. They also can be spawned by some decorations.

It's possible to buy specific event attraction flowers right at the attraction flower inventory while the event is active. It's not possible to get them from other usual flower sources like feeding Trevor with common fireflies Icon§Toad Treat or delicacies Icon§Toad Delicacy or by feeding Bee Fly.

Related Special Abilities

The following decorations have abilities that can assist in Firefly Events!

Side note: Ornamental Onion can be bought on a Decoration Sale - and so, you can have two or more of them in your forest.

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Past Firefly Events

  • 20th July – 8th August 2016: Hanwi
  • 23rd August – 5th September 2016: Bulan
  • 24th November – 3rd December 2016: Osten
  • 16th January – 30th January 2017: Fan Rong
  • 13th March – 26th March 2017: Sona
  • 11th May – 25th May 2017: Bouquet
  • 19th July – 1st August 2017: Ameku
  • 18th September – 2nd October 2017: Wiesn
  • 9th November – 23rd November 2017: Mayflower
  • 1st January – 14th January 2018: Sparkler
  • 5th March – 18th March 2018: Merian
  • 7th May – 20th May 2018: Mae
  • 10th July – 23rd July 2018: Liberte
  • 12th September – 25th September 2018: Persephone
  • 20th November – 2th December 2018: Festum


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