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#49 Diva Moth

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Diva Moth§Flutterpedia

Scientific Name: Hemerophilia diva (America)
Set: Estrella Set§Icon Estrella
Rarity: RarityIcon§Epic Epic
Size: SizeIcon§Medium Medium

Incubation Time: 6 hours
Caterpillar Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Egg Lay Cost: Icon§Glowbuck 175
Fusing: Icon§CC 5,500 on all stages – Icon§CC 22,000 in total
Selling Value: Icon§CC 11,000 on all stages

Description: With brightly colored wings, clubbed antennae, and a day flying disposition, Diva Moths are often mistaken for butterflies.

Level Data
Level Pollen to next level Coin Production
Level0Icon 440 Icon§PollenSmall Icon§CC 135 every 90 minutes
Level1Icon 880 Icon§PollenBig Icon§CC 180 every 2 hours
Level2Icon 1,320 Icon§TwoPollen Icon§CC 248 every 165 minutes
Level3Icon 1,760 Icon§ThreePollen Icon§CC 293 every 195 minutes
Level4Icon 2,200 Icon§FourPollen Icon§CC 360 every 4 hours
Level5Icon total: 6,600 Icon§FourPollen Icon§CC 405 every 270 minutes


  • With the Update Version 1.14 of 20th September 2016 the selling price changed from Icon§CC 75 on stage 0 and 1, Icon§CC 300 on stage 2, Icon§CC 675 on stage 3, Icon§CC 1,200 on stage 4 and Icon§CC 1,875 on max level to the double amount of fusing costs for all stages and the amount of coins to fuse increased from Icon§CC 484 to Icon§CC 5,500.