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#72 Clouded Silver Moth
(Currently not available through the incubator)

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Clouded Silver Moth§Flutterpedia

Scientific Name: Lomographa temerata (Event)
Set: Cuti Set§Icon Cuti
Rarity: RarityIcon§Uncommon Uncommon
Size: SizeIcon§Small Small

Incubation Time: 2 hours
Caterpillar Time: 30 minutes
Egg Lay Cost: Icon§Glowbuck 50
Fusing: Icon§CC 50 on all stages – Icon§CC 200 in total
Selling Value: Icon§CC 100 on all stages

Description: Clouded Silvers make their home in any Old World hedgerow, but are happiest in hawthorn trees!

Level Data
Level Pollen to next level Coin Production
Level0Icon 40 Icon§PollenSmall Icon§CC 75 every 30 minutes
Level1Icon 80 Icon§PollenBig Icon§CC 113 every 45 minutes
Level2Icon 120 Icon§TwoPollen Icon§CC 150 every 1 hour
Level3Icon 160 Icon§ThreePollen Icon§CC 150 every 1 hour
Level4Icon 200 Icon§FourPollen Icon§CC 188 every 75 minutes
Level5Icon total: 600 Icon§FourPollen Icon§CC 225 every 90 minutes