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The Boom set of moths was only available during a limited-time Wisp Event, from 22nd September – 10th October 2016 by normal breeding.
As the event is now over, its moths can only be bought through the Special Visitor for Icon§Glowbuck, or – if you have at least one individual of one of the moths – by laying eggs for glowbucks, or using a Decoration's Special Ability to lay an egg for free.
Attraction Flowers for the Boom set were obtained by capturing wisps from a Orange-Eyed Wisp Mother giving White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold, and Orange Wisps.

Boom Set§Reward3

For hatching and raising every moth of the Boom set to adult at least once, you'll be rewarded with the Sweet Thorn Decoration with the ability to Capture a wisp every 1 day. For perfecting it, you'll get the Deluxe Sweet Thorn Decoration with the ability to Duplicate a wisp every 16 hours.
For perfecting the Boom set within the event timeline, the special and limited Exclusive Sweet Thorn Decoration was awarded with the ability to Hurry the Wisp Mother every 1 day.


  • The Boom used the same attraction flowers as the Yanada set, except for the ones of the Cabbage Tree Emperor.
  • “Boom” means tree in Afrikaans