The Bee Fly is unlocked by reaching a Flutterpedia Score of 1,700 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints and will appear for free in your forest.

Feed it with pollen until it puffs up, then tap it and it will 'explode' to give you presents like Attraction Flowers (10% as Baby, Young and Teen Bee Fly, 20% as Adult Bee Fly), storage items or toad treats. Bee Fly has four stages of growth, each one requiring a fixed number of feedings to advance to the next one. It can be fed unlimited number of times after it's all grown up.


First stage (Level 1 – 29)
Baby Bee Fly
  • Pollen needed: 150
  • Times: 30
Second stage (Level 30 – 59)
Young Bee Fly
  • Pollen needed: 250
  • Times: 30
Third stage (Level 60 – 99)
Teen Bee Fly
  • Pollen needed: 400
  • Times: 40
Bee Fly§Adult
Fourth stage (Level 100)
Bee Fly
  • Pollen needed: 600

Possible Drops

The Bee Fly has a big range of possible give-aways, from Glowbucks over Storage Items to Attraction Flowers of almost any kind:

The only things you won't get from it are Toad Delicacies and Zodiac Attraction Flowers.